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You don't need to be smarter, richer or luckier to have a great marriage, but you do need the right communication tools.

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Bestselling author, Harvard lawyer and couples mediator Laurie Puhn and Family Dynamics Institute have brought you these tools in the Fight Less, Love More Course. Based on the book Fight Less, Love More this course teaches couples the vital skills needed to grow lasting love. In each of the nine one-hour classes, you will experience the benefit of using the 5-Minute Conversations to avoid and reduce conflict, increase appreciation, intimacy and respect, give a perfect apology and create a personalized daily communication routine that will keep your marriage strong and healthy for a lifetime. Whether you are a couple who wants to enrich your marriage, or are engaged to be married, or seeking to keep love alive, this step-by-step course is perfect for you.

Each week you will learn the communication skills and techniques that will help you grow stronger and closer in your marriage.

Class Session Topics Include:

  • Tame Rudeness & Inspire Appreciation
  • Be More Lovable & Criticize with Influence
  • Short-Circuit Arguments & How to Have a Good Fight
  • Kick Start Intimacy & Deter Cheating
  • Control Overreactions & Negotiate for Love
  • Reject Stubbornness & Disarm the Know-it-All
  • Keep It Confidential & Awaken Your Silent Mate
  • Orchestrate the Perfect Apology & Be Optimistic

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Take this new course and expect fabulous results - the marriage you've always wanted, easier than you ever dreamed possible.

Interested in leading a class? The straightforward format of the class and the easy to use Leader's Guide make this a great class to lead and experience.

Contact Family Dynamics Institute to learn more about how you can bring Fight Less, Love More to your area.

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We are pleased to announce that the Fight Less, Love More course has been endorsed by The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops as well as the Army Wife Network.

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